A tour of South America

In 1914, when Dick was 21, Exeter City FC was invited to tour Argentina and Brazil. Dick had a suit made and bought three collar studs from Woolworths for a shilling.

“After the tour my father took the dress suit and used it as a scarecrow on his allotment as it wouldn’t be needed again.”
Dick Pym

A ball used in the first game of the tour (Exeter City v Norte) was brought back to the UK by Dick Pym. It is now in the Exeter City FC Museum at St James Park, Exeter, and you can see a 3D image of it in the Grecian Archive.

Dick Pym “and I collared it”

Souvenir card from Brazil

In Argentina, rough play broke two of Dick’s ribs and he could only watch when Exeter played the Brazilian national team in Rio de Janeiro. This historic game was Brazil’s first ever international match, which Brazil won 2-0.

On the voyage home, World War I was declared. The ship, laden with gold and silver bullion as well as footballers, ran from Madeira to Liverpool at full steam and with lights out.

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